Effective July 1, 2010, the name Family Care Services, Inc. was officially changed to Family Healthcare Clinic, Inc. 

To meet a significant identified community need for additional access to affordable, quality healthcare for this area's families and individuals the FCS Board of Directors voted to significantly expand the type and amount of services that the agency provides. This adjustment is designed to meet the community’s need for open access to healthcare through low-cost patient services. As a result of this expansion, Board Members felt it was necessary and appropriate to modify the organizations’ name to indicate this substantial change in services. 
The Board and Administrative Staff chose the name FAMILY HEALTHCARE CLINIC in order to adequately continue and maintain our long history and identity as a provider of non-profit medical care while indicating and promoting the expansion of services to include general healthcare. As a side benefit, the new name uniquely identifies us as a medical facility and differentiates the services that we provide as being distinctive from other area social services agencies that may also have ‘Family’ in their agency name. 

Along with the name change, our Mission statement was also modified by our Board of Directors and a new statement indicating our Vision for the future was adopted.
  1. Michael Souter, DO
    Medical Director
  2. Robert Oliver, GYN, MD
  3. Rebecca Lynch
    Physicians Assistant
  4. Kassie Reynolds, LPN
  5. Patricia Leach
    Executive Director
  6. Alison Walker
    Financial Operations Manager
  7. Debra Williams
    Office Support Staff
  8. Briana Gore
    Office Support Staff

Our History

FHC takes pride in our history of responsiveness to the needs of the people of the community we serve. Read our history. 

1967 – Two volunteer organizations, the Bartlesville Jaycees, and Concern, joined forces to form the Washington County Family Planning Clinic 

1980 – The Washington County Family Planning Clinic 501(c)(3) non-profit agency. 

1984 – 1) a new building was erected and is located at the current location – 1820 W. Hensley Blvd. Bartlesville, OK. The building of this facility was accomplished with private funds and volunteer hours 2) A more fitting name was adopted, Family Care Service, Inc. (FCS), 3) FCS officially became a Bartlesville Regional United Way Agency. 

1987 – FCS initiates a new program in response to community need. The Cancer Prevention/Health Maintenance program began providing low-income individuals with affordable preventive health care, including screening for serious conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. This program also provided treatment for minor health problems, and school and work physicals on a limited basis. 

1989 – FCS initiates another new program: N.A.P, (New Adolescent Parents) began providing free weekly prenatal education classes for pregnant teens. This support and education program, the only one of its kind in the area, was offered at an off-site location due to limited space in the then current facility. 

1993 – The N.A.P. program was expanded to provide the areas' only free and on-going parenting education and support groups for teen parents. Teen parents were provided a nutritious meal and many incentives to encourage their participation in making healthy parenting decisions. 

2000 – FCS initiates yet another new program in response to an identified community need. Series of ongoing Teen Pregnancy Prevention/Abstinence Education classes (T.P.P.) and related services are provided free to middle school age students and their parents. Services are provided in local public schools, churches, and other social service agencies and made available through a grant from the Oklahoma State Department of Health. 

2001 – Family Care Services with the assistance of the Sarkeys Foundation, Lyons Foundation and donations from the community and Board Members constructs a large addition to the existing building. 

2003 – FCS assumed the Mammogram Program (a program initiated by staff and volunteers of the former Bartlesville YWCA). This program, a perfect fit for FCS’ Cancer Prevention and Health Maintenance Program, provides free Mammograms for patients who are in need of but are unable to afford access to this lifesaving screening procedure. 

2004 – FCS’ N.A.P Program becomes an integral partner in the community’s newly formed Early Childhood Resource Center, a cooperative network of community services providing customized classroom and/or in-home parenting education programs for FCS’ patients and other area parents. Other community partner programs include Children First, Parents as Teachers, Even Start, Healthy Families and Babies, SoonerStart and Systems of Care. 

2006 – O.S.D.H. grant funding for the T.P.P. Programs was discontinued (in part due to the drop in this area’s teen pregnancy rate as a result of five years of abstinence education!) However, FCS continues to provide this vital Teen Pregnancy Prevention (T.P.P.) Program despite critical funding reductions and thanks to generous contributions from the Bartlesville Regional United Way, individuals, and local foundations. 

2010 – Another year of change! Effective July 1, 2010, the name Family Care Services, Inc. was officially changed to Family Healthcare Clinic, Inc.