1. Minor Medical Healthcare
    Minor Medical Healthcare
  2. Teen Pregnancy Prevention
    Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  3. Take Charge
    Take Charge
Family Healthcare Clinic provides general care for under-insured patients who are ill and requiring a medical visit for any of a variety of health problems (cold, ear infection, bladder infection, etc.). Low-cost office visits and lab fees vary according to care and treatment required. Health care services also include Free (for a limited time) blood pressure checks, blood sugar, and iron level checks. Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Tests for $25 

Reproductive Healthcare for men and women who need annual exams and health checkups. This exam may include pregnancy tests, STD screenings, PAP, breast or testicular exams, blood pressure and blood sugar check, and provides an invaluable health screening opportunity addressing a variety of potential health issues. This service allows for prevention as well as early detection. 
Low-cost office visits and lab fees vary according to care and treatment required. 

Physicals: Including School, Employment and Sports for $20

Mammogram Program and other cancer prevention - Free clinical breast exams and mammograms are available for uninsured patients who need but cannot afford a screening and diagnostic mammogram. Other 
low-cost cancer screenings are also available.
Teen Pregnancy Prevention/Abstinence Education Program – This ten-session training provides middle school age teens with the knowledge and information they need regarding the risks and long-term consequences of early sexual activity including pregnancy, STDs, and emotional/relational issues. This series of classes covers self-esteem, self-control, goal setting, boundaries, healthy relationships, communication, dating violence and the realities of teen parenting. Education on HIV/AIDS and other STD’s and the potential life-long risks they can pose are also covered thoroughly. Presentations to churches, other interested organizations or groups are available. Call to inquire.

Cost per 10 session training = free to area schools. Presentations to churches, other interested organizations or groups are available 
The TAKE CHARGE Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program is now available at Family Healthcare Clinic! This service will provide FREE Clinical Breast Exams, Mammograms, Pap tests (cervical cancer screening) and follow up referrals for:

Oklahoma women between the ages of 50 and 65
(Also some women under 50 may qualify for the program)

  • who are eligible BUT have no insurance, Medicare or Medicaid to cover screenings
  • OR have an unmet insurance deductible of $150 or higher
  • OR women who are eligible for Medicare and are not currently enrolled, may receive services until they are enrolled in Medicare. We do encourage those women who are eligible for Medicare benefits to enroll in Medicare.
  • AND who meet certain income guidelines

These services will ALSO include, at no charge to the patient:
  • a women's health history
  • cancer risk history
  • well-woman assessment
  • pap test and limited screening pelvic exam
  • free mammogram
  • referral and free follow-up for women with abnormal results